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Netwrix Password Reset

Netwrix Password Reset is an Active Directory password reset tool that enables users to securely reset or change their own passwords and unlock their accounts from any web browser, desktop or mobile device — without calling the help desk. Are password-related tickets driving up your IT helpdesk costs? Do lockouts and password management headaches frustrate your users and disrupt vital business processes? A self-service password reset tool can solve these problems, but you might be worried that it could increase the risk of attackers slipping into your network.

Active Directory Security with Netwrix Solutions

Gain peace of mind by securing your Active Directory and Azure AD from end to end. Identify and mitigate security gaps before attackers exploit them. Detect, respond and recover fast from security incidents to minimize downtime and business impact. 95 million AD accounts are attacked every single day. The reason is simple: Active Directory is the gateway to your critical data, applications, and IT infrastructure. How can you protect your business?

PAM: A Modern Approach

This short video explains how to thwart cyberattacks by eliminating privileged accounts using a modern approach to privileged access management. To learn more about managing privileged accounts, visit Traditionally, businesses have maintained dozens or even hundreds of privileged accounts to support critical IT administration activities. These powerful credentials pose a major security risk because they can be stolen by attackers or misused by their owners, either unintentionally or intentionally.