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Maximize Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance with Egnyte

In this video, you’ll learn how Egnyte helps you to identify and manage regulated content across all of your company’s data repositories. You’ll also find out how to classify data with single-click policy creation and rapidly respond to Subject Access Requests (SARs) and legal holds.

Understanding pentesting vs an automated hacker-powered tool

Penetration testing is a vulnerability detection mechanism that uses multistep and multivector attack scenarios to find vulnerabilities and attempts to exploit them. While some companies might be continuously pentesting, others don’t at all, this is often due to lacking security culture, budget limitations, or both.

What are organizations doing wrong when it comes to security?

What are organizations doing wrong when it comes to security? While today’s code-quality security is good, the sharing between each domain or principle is lacking, such as using infrastructure as code. Some people have become lazy, using other people’s templates and sometimes without knowing the security details. There is no technical depth (the rule now is; if it works, it works). Security metrics are valued by the exploitation that happens. We learn by being hacked, and that is not how it should work.

Is the perimeter dead?

This question still triggers some interesting discussions among security professionals. Does the perimeter still exist, or has it become impossible to outline due to the immense asset list and expansion of an organization’s attack surface? Included by Gartner in 2021 as a major cybersecurity category and an emerging product, the External Attack Surface Management (EASM) term might be new. Still, the idea behind it is nothing new: identifying risks coming from internet-facing assets that an organization may be unaware of.