Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer

Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer

May 24, 2022

Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer strengthens the security of your Microsoft Active Directory environment by enforcing the use of strong passwords. Easily strike the right balance between password security and user productivity for your organization. Learn more

A single weak or leaked password can enable an attacker to steal your sensitive data, unleash ransomware or disrupt business operations. Organizations today know that strengthening their password strategy is vital for both security and regulatory compliance — but often worry that strict password policies will frustrate users and overwhelm IT administrators and helpdesk teams.
With Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer, you can strengthen security without hurting productivity. Slash your risk of data breaches and business downtime by protecting user accounts — both on premises and in the cloud — from being compromised due to weak or stolen passwords.

  • Empower IT teams to build the right password policies for your organization by simply tailoring the tool’s built-in rules. Dynamically block the use of leaked passwords with lightning-fast search, and prevent use of passwords you consider weak with control over character substitution, bidirectional analysis, match tolerance and more.
  • Keep users happy and productive by helping them choose compliant passwords on the first try, reminding them when their passwords are about to expire, and empowering them to change their passwords right from their web browser.
  • Comply with HIPAA, PCI DSS and other regulations that require strong passwords — and rest assured you have the agility to quickly modify your policies as requirements and best practices evolve.

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