Netwrix Change Tracker

Netwrix Change Tracker

Dec 22, 2021

Netwrix Change Tracker enables organizations of all sizes to enhance their security posture by hardening configurations, monitoring changes and delivering superior forensic capabilities that minimize the time and effort needed to identify the cause and scope of a security breach.

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Building and maintaining a secure IT environment is vital for the safe handling of your sensitive data. This can be a daunting task, as there are many regulations that govern how data must be protected and many ways that attackers can bypass even the best defenses. Most organizations go months before discovering that they have been breached. That can lead to huge costs in both fines and lost customer confidence.

Fortunately, Netwrix Change Tracker can help. This industry-leading solution delivers configuration hardening, file and system integrity monitoring, and audit preparation assistance, giving you confidence in your system integrity, data security and regulatory compliance.

  • Start by hardening your systems with customizable, certified benchmark build templates that take the guesswork out of securing your infrastructure. There are hundreds to choose from, covering a wide range of regulatory requirements.
  • Stay in control of configuration drift with easy-to-use dashboards that enable you to quickly identify changes that would take your systems out of compliance.
  • Know exactly what changes have been made to any system at any time. When unauthorized changes occur, drill down to discover exactly which files have been affected.
  • Eliminate change noise by closing the loop with your ITSM system. Easily create rules that do not flag planned or authorized changes.
  • Now you have the information you need to spot and remediate any unauthorized change before serious damage can be done, ensuring that your infrastructure remains secure, and your sensitive data protected.

Learn how you can enhance your security posture today with Netwrix Change Tracker. Visit to request a demo or a free trial.