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Dark Web

Notorious Nemesis Market Seized by German Police

Nemesis Market, a notorious corner of the darknet beloved by cybercriminals and drug dealers, has been suddenly shut down after German police seized control of its systems. Germany's Federal Criminal Police (known as the BKA) has announced that it has seized the infrastructure of Nemesis and taken down its website. At the same time, cryptocurrency worth 94,000 Euros was seized by police.

Compromised Credentials Postings on the Dark Web Increase 20% in Just One Year

Data trends show a clear upward momentum of posts from initial access brokers on the dark web, putting the spotlight on what may become cybersecurity’s greatest challenge. Any organization that has made cybersecurity a priority is laser focused on putting preventative measures, multiple means of detection, and a response plan in place.

Busting the SugarLocker Syndicate: Syndicate's Secrets and Takedown Tactics

Sugarlocker Summary On February 23, 2022, the operator linked to the SugarLocker ransomware, utilizing the pseudonym "gustavedore," was conspicuously seeking new partnerships on the Dark Web. SugarLocker operates through a highly flexible Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) framework, facilitating extensive customization for its users in the clandestine corners of the Dark Web.

ChatGPT and the dark web: a dangerous alliance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now present in almost every aspect of our lives. However, its influence is particularly relevant in the field of cybersecurity, where it impacts both defense and attack. While it has become a great tool to protect an organization's digital assets, it has also been weaponized by cybercriminals to spread and execute increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect cyberattacks.

Another Ransomware-as-a-Service Known as "Wing" Takes Flight on the Dark Web

Analysis of this newly-spotted service makes it clear that the newest entrant into the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) space has taken note of where predecessors are lacking and launched a better product. Given the financial and operational disruption ransomware has caused since last year, any headline about a new RaaS will surely lead to anxiety and grimace for IT and security professionals.

Cybercriminals Celebrate the Holidays with Dark Web Data Dumps, Dubbed "Leaksmas"

Millions of data records and GBs of data from organizations around the globe were made freely available to cybercriminals to coincide with dates around Christmas of 2023. The pressure presented by cybercriminals threatening to publish data on the web is very compelling. After all, what company wants to be responsible for millions of everyday people potentially becoming victims of scams and cyber attacks? That’s right, not a single one.

How to monitor your organization's presence on the dark web

Googling your organization’s name will bring up all sorts of information. However, there’s more to the internet than the surface web that’s accessed through regular search engines: the deep web and the dark web. To stay ahead of potential threats and maximize incident response performance, security teams need a complete view of their organization’s presence across all areas of the internet.

Unveiling the dark web: A professional's guide to ethical exploration

The dark web, often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, is a realm of the internet that exists beyond the reach of traditional search engines. While the Dark Web does harbor a certain notoriety for hosting illegal activities, it also contains valuable information and resources that can be beneficial for professionals involved in cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and investigations.