Red Teaming

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The Battlefield vs Red Teaming - Where the Skills Collide!

It was early 2003 in central Iraq, a couple of hours before dawn, 30 degree heat, and everything had a green tint through the night vision goggles. I was on an operation with a team from the US Psychological Operations forces (psyops) and an ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha) from the US Special Forces. We'd spent days gathering HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and undertaking reconnaissance on the target. The ODA team was set up for the assault, the psyops were ready to run diversionary tactics and I was on the team providing comms and perimeter security. Authorisation was given from above, the operation began, and the sky lit up with tracer rounds.

Red Team Assessments - The Fundamentals 1.3

The final part of this mini Red Team blog series discusses the benefits a Red Team Assessment will bring to your organisation. A security test of any sort is ultimately designed to see how your business can mitigate and learn from any issues found. Yes, compliance can come into this and passing and failing a test is a factor but creating a strong infrastructure to protect the business and customer interests is the key factor here.

Red Teaming - The Fundamentals 1.2

In part one we discussed what a Red Team Assessment is, but how does a Red Team Assessment differ from a Penetration Test? With a Red Team Assessment, we’re testing the whole company, essentially how it fares up to a worst-case scenario attack, whether that’s by a competitive company engaging in corporate espionage hell-bent on disrupting business, or harvesting data, or a criminal organisation breaking in and stealing physical equipment or damaging key infrastructure.

Red Team Assessments - The Fundamentals 1.1

We’re in an age where information is king, misinformation is rife and mass data breaches are commonplace in the mainstream media. Ensuring the security of your organisation’s data, infrastructure and people is paramount and choosing the right service to secure those things is just as important. At Pentest People, we are now delighted to offer our new Red Team Assessment service to our customers. But what is a Red Team Assessment and how does it differ from a Penetration Test?