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Identity Theft

How to Avoid and Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is like a thief in the night; it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. It is a real threat to everyone. We live in a time where so much personal information is stored online, which allows cybercriminals to steal it and use it for their gain. A Federal Trade Commission report shows that over 1 million people fell victim to identity theft in 2022. The most common types of identity theft are credit card fraud, bank fraud, and loan or lease fraud.

Falling Victim to Identity Theft

Identity theft is the unauthorised use of someone else's personal information for financial gain, often leaving victims with significant financial and emotional consequences. In the UK, identity theft is a prevalent issue, with an estimated 85,000 cases reported in 2019 alone. The impact of identity theft can be devastating, leading to financial loss, damaged credit scores, and emotional distress for the victims.

The Role of Compliance in Mitigating Identity Theft Risks

In the digital age, identity theft poses a pervasive threat that organizations, regardless of their size or sector, must relentlessly combat. This insidious form of cybercrime involves the malicious exploitation of sensitive and confidential data, carrying grave implications for any organization. The consequences of a single breach can encompass financial losses, irreparable damage to reputation, and the imposition of regulatory penalties.

Lookout Acquires Password Management Company SaferPass to Address the Rising Threat of Identity Theft

It’s hard to think about personal digital safety and enterprise cybersecurity without referencing passwords. This is why I’m excited that Lookout has acquired SaferPass, an innovative Password Management company that provides secure online identity solutions for both consumers and businesses of all sizes. With the rise in identity theft and threats that seek to compromise corporate applications and emails, passwords offer a critical line of defense.

Identity Protection Solution

80% of modern attacks are identity-driven, leveraging stolen credentials. Existing endpoint-only security solutions are simply not designed to protect against these attacks. Learn how CrowdStrike Identity Protection - fully integrated with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform - helps ensure comprehensive protection against identity-based attacks in real-time.

Dark Overlord collaborator imprisoned for trading stolen identities

A Canadian man has been handed a three year prison sentence after being found guilty of buying and selling over 1700 stolen identities on a dark web marketplace. 29-year-old Slava Dmitriev, who went by the online handle of “GoldenAce”, bought and sold individuals’ personal private information, including social security numbers, on the AlphaBay dark web marketplace in 2016 and 2017.

An easy recipe for identity fraud - Post a dream job LinkedIn advert on behalf of almost any employer

This post is about LinkedIn – a go-to professional networking and jobs platform – a feature that allows outside individuals (not belonging to the target organisation) to post jobs on an organisation’s behalf. Whether you call it posting scam jobs on LinkedIn, phishing the LinkedIn users or any wider campaigns based on the drivers – it is a recipe for Identity fraud.