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Threat Hunting


Trustwave Revamps Continual Threat Hunting Enabling Significantly More Hunts and Unique Threat Findings

Trustwave is relaunching its Advanced Continual Threat Hunt (ACTH) platform with a new patent-pending methodology that enables Trustwave researchers to conduct significantly more human-led threat hunts, resulting in a 3x increase in behavior-based threat findings. These discoveries might otherwise go undetected by current EDR tools.


Overcome Data Overload with Autonomous Investigations and Threat Hunting

It’s no secret that SOC teams are struggling. The main reason is the sheer volume of data they must collect and analyze to thwart cybercrime. The data sources they need to account for include applications, transactions, IoT devices, mobile devices, and more. And the amount of global information created, replicated, and consumed is projected to increase to more than 180 zettabytes over the next five years, making the data challenge we’re facing even worse.


Why Managed Threat Hunting Should Top Every CISO's Holiday Wish List

With the end of the year fast approaching, many of us are looking forward to a well-deserved break. However, security practitioners and security leaders worldwide are bracing themselves for what has become a peak period for novel and disruptive threats. In 2020, the holiday season was marked by the SUNBURST incident, and in 2021 the world grappled with Log4Shell.


SOAR'ing to Success: How an Insurance Company Automates Threat Hunting

Many automation tools, such as SOAR, suffer from an ironic Catch-22: you know that automation will save your team huge amounts of time, but it’s difficult to implement and requires skills you don’t necessarily have in-house. Essentially, you can’t afford the tools that will save you money. Ay, there’s the rub! You may have seen tools promising “no-code” capabilities with intuitive GUIs that help non-programmers build abstract functions.


Improve Threat Hunting with Long-Term, Cost-Effective Data Retention

What if you could easily extend the retention of your CrowdStrike Falcon® detection data for a year or longer? Would that help with compliance? Investigations? Threat hunts? In Part 1 of this series, we covered the basics of Falcon Long Term Repository (Falcon LTR). To recap, Falcon LTR is an option available to Falcon customers. It offers a simple and cost-effective way to retain your Falcon detection data long term, which has historically been a costly and complex endeavor for security teams.

Threat hunt with network evidence with endpoint telemetry

Corelight and Microsoft show the power of combining network evidence with endpoint telemetry using Defender365 and Sentinel to analyse, investigate, and understand the full breadth of an attack. During the session, we dive straight into the technology and how it can be applied using a simulated attack Demo.

Cloud Insecurities - How to threat hunt in hybrid and multi cloud environments

Amidst a record number of workloads moving to the cloud – security teams must not only confront the cyber-skills shortage, but also a general lack of cloud expertise. Corelight and guest Forrester will share best practices for building threat detection, hunting, and incident response capabilities to the cloud and upskilling your existing SecOps team. Watch this on demand webcast to learn.

CrowdStrike's Annual Threat Hunting Report Reveals One Potential Intrusion Is Identified Every Seven Minutes

Findings from Falcon Overwatch threat hunters showed faster breakout times by eCrime adversaries and one million malicious events were prevented by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.