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Threat Hunting

CrowdStrike's Annual Threat Hunting Report Reveals One Potential Intrusion Is Identified Every Seven Minutes

Findings from Falcon Overwatch threat hunters showed faster breakout times by eCrime adversaries and one million malicious events were prevented by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

CrowdStrike Introduces Sandbox Scryer: A Free Threat-Hunting Tool for Generating MITRE ATT&CK and Navigator Data

Threat hunting is a critical security function, a proactive measure to detect warning signs and head off attacks before a breach can occur. Scaling threat hunting capabilities involves quickly deriving actionable intelligence from a large number of behavioral data signals to identify gaps and reduce time to respond.

How to Benchmark Your Threat Hunting Readiness and Prepare for the Next Step

Many organizations want to start threat hunting but struggle with knowing where to begin, how to measure success, and how to scale an effective program. This presentation draws on the experience of elite hunters and teams around the world and will discuss an actionable threat hunting maturity model and help you prepare for each step of the journey with specific guidance, concrete examples, and sample threat hunts.

Creating a Threat Hunting Lab in Graylog

When I was looking to break into the cybersecurity industry, I found myself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of content to learn and try. So much of the content, you had to purchase certain things, or it was way too complicated for me to understand at the time. Today, I wanted to break down a really easy and walk-through on how to set up a functional threat hunting lab.

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The Case For Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is the process of actively seeking out potential threats in your network and eliminating them before they can cause harm. But, is this a service your organization needs? Hackers are always looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit, and they're becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods. To protect your business, it's essential to have a comprehensive security strategy in place.

SANS 2022 Threat Hunting Survey - Hunting for a Standard Methodology for Threat Hunting Teams

We’ll also look at the past two years to see if global economic impacts have caused any industry changes that give us cause to rethink our approach to threat hunting.. Key topics will include operationalizing threat hunting, innovative threat hunting tactics and techniques, and new tools that can help threat hunting for both endpoints and networks.

Falcon OverWatch Elite in Action: Tailored Threat Hunting Services Provide Individualized Care and Support

The threat presented by today’s adversaries is as pervasive as it is dangerous — eCrime and state-nexus actors alike are attempting to infiltrate companies and organizations of all sizes and across all verticals. While technology is a powerful tool for performing routine or repeatable analysis, the only way to effectively hunt and contain sophisticated and determined cyber threat actors is to use the expertise and ingenuity of human threat hunters.

CrowdStrike Introduces Humio for Falcon, Redefining Threat Hunting with Unparalleled Scale and Speed

Humio for Falcon provides long-term, cost-effective data retention with powerful index-free search and analysis of enriched security telemetry across enterprise environments.

Hunting AWS RDS security events with Sysdig

The AWS RDS service itself falls on the AWS side of the Shared Responsibility model, but the day-to-day management of the RDS security instances falls on your side. When it comes to shared responsibility, your obligation depends on the AWS services that you deploy, and also other factors including (but not limited to) the sensitivity of your data, your company’s requirements, and applicable laws and regulations.