Introducing Teleport Cloud | Access Management SaaS | Servers - Clusters - Applications

Introducing Teleport Cloud | Access Management SaaS | Servers - Clusters - Applications

Dec 16, 2020

Get Teleport Cloud Early Access:

Teleport Cloud allows you to secure access to your servers, Kubernetes clusters, and Web applications while leaving the operation of your Unified Access Plane to the experts at Teleport. You can still control access to your compute resources anywhere else in the cloud, plugin approval workflows, and use your choice of SSO identity provider. But now you can get your security deployed faster, and you have peace of mind knowing Teleport is continually patched, monitored, and maintained for you.

Join us for a webinar as we introduce Teleport Cloud. This webinar will cover:

Architectural outline of Teleport Cloud
Demo of the signup experience and visual walkthrough
When to use Cloud or Self-Hosted

Attendees will have the option to sign up for early access to Teleport Cloud and check out the features for themselves. We hope to see you there! If you can't make the live session, register anyway and we'll email you the recording.

What is Teleport
How does Teleport work
What is Teleport Cloud & why we built it
How Teleport Cloud changes how you use Teleport
Architecture of Teleport Cloud
Roadmap for Teleport Cloud
Demo of sign up process
Demo: Add a node, add a K8s cluster, add an app, admin vs. user views
What about current customers
Augment their deployment
Migrate their deployment
CTA: sign up for early access

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