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Service Mesh


Styra Declarative Authorization Service Expands Service Mesh Use Case

We are thrilled to announce native support of Kong Mesh, Istio and Kuma within Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS), enabling users to combine stellar service mesh solutions with the only authorization management platform that supports trusted cloud architecture. Styra DAS allows teams to manage policies across a broad spectrum of systems, like Kubernetes, microservices, public cloud, and more.


Authorize better: Istio traffic policies with OPA & Styra DAS

Cloud native tooling for authorization is an emerging trend poised to revolutionize how we approach this oft-neglected part of our applications. Open Policy Agent (OPA) is the leading contender to become a de-facto standard for applying policies to many different systems — from workloads running on Kubernetes to requests passing through Istio.


Networking with a Service Mesh: Use Cases, Best Practices, and Comparison of Top Mesh Options

Service mesh technology emerged with the popularization of microservice architectures. Because service mesh facilitates the separation of networking from the business logic, it enables you to focus on your application’s core competency. Microservice applications are distributed over multiple servers, data centers, or continents, making them highly network dependent.