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Do More with Less! Use our New GraphQL Query Bot for Cato Networks, Monday.Com, and More

One of our partners in the LATAM region is working with an end customer, to implement a custom predictive maintenance dashboard, by pulling in and correlating data from multiple sources (like Zabbix, Jira Cloud, Cato Networks, Extreme Networks CloudIQ, etc.) and sending out the data to update a Grafana dashboard, which can read data from OpenSearch. Partner is using our data bots and low-code/no-code pipelines to implement this project.

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The Future of AIOps

According to Insight Partners, the AIOps platform market size is expected to grow from $2.83 billion in 2021 to $19.92 billion by 2028 at a compounded annual growth rate of 32.2%. This skyrocketing growth is fueled by the pace of the IT data deluge getting out of the human hand and the need for resource optimization. Every organization is increasingly producing more IT data, whether in a siloed or unified form.

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AIOps & Observability- Which One Should Enterprises Focus on First?

Organizations today are pressured to keep their IT applications and infrastructure up and running and minimize their downtime. While this has always been a critical goal, it’s become harder to achieve with modern architectures, such as microservices, containerization, edge computing, hybrid-cloud deployments and the newer development methods such as agile DevOps techniques.

Observability Pipelines & AIOps can make IT Smarter

Enterprise data systems are like busy family households. You see a constant flow of activity to varying degrees from room to room. This activity includes people wandering, opening and closing doors. And then there are other streams constantly flowing through the household- electricity, water, Wi-Fi networks and more. In modern enterprises, the data deluge is a critical issue. While we take the complexity for granted in a household, such is not allowed in a connected enterprise.

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How MSPs can benefit from AIOps adoption/strategy and add value-added services

According to Gartner, enterprise usage of AIOps is set to surge from a mere 5% in 2018 to a whopping 30% in 2023. To survive in an increasingly competitive market, MSPs must not only respond well to customer expectations but anticipate them. Another Gartner report states that by 2025, over 80% of public cloud managed and professional services deals will require both hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities from the provider, up from below 50% in 2020.

What is AIOps. 4 Types of AIOps Platforms. How to Effectively Navigate the AIOps Landscape.

AIOps or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations refers to a set of technologies that augment human decisions with autonomous decisions driven by AI and machine learning that learn patterns, relationships from data. AIOps is the term originally coined by Gartner, and pictorially illustrated in the following way