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Launching new domains view and enhanced policies for unprecedented control over attack surface data

We’ve recently announced a new Domains page and major improvements to existing capabilities for setting custom attack surface policies. These updates bring unprecedented control over attack surface data and enable organizations to seamlessly configure alerts for policy breaches based on their unique definition of risk, a feature unmatched by any other player in the EASM space. With the new Domains page and the major improvements to Attack Surface Policies, customers can benefit from.

Detectify is now available on AWS Marketplace

We’re pleased to share that our External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution is now available on AWS Marketplace through private offer. Our inclusion means that our customers can now more conveniently and easily purchase both Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning for comprehensive attack surface coverage.

Significant changes to attack surface overview and many new tests

The new attack surface overview puts the changes and potential risky exposures to your attack surface front and center. But that’s not all we’ve shipped in February. We’ve improved our Azure domain connector, simplifying onboarding for those users, and sent dozens of new vulnerability tests, such as CVE-2024-27199: TeamCity Authentication Bypass and CVE-2024-21893: Ivanti Connect Secure, Policy Secure SSRF.

Navigating the EU compliance landscape: How Detectify helps support customers in their NIS2 Directive, CER, and DORA compliance challenges

Navigating the complex and ever-changing compliance landscape is difficult for many companies and organizations. With many regulations, selecting the appropriate security tooling that aligns with the compliance needs of your business becomes a significant challenge.

Improving domain discovery with new connectors

Our new domain connector simplifies and expands support for organizations integrating cloud providers to Detectify. Security teams can now have even greater confidence in the security posture of their attack surface, with increased visibility into the identification, inventorying, and continuous monitoring of the latest vulnerabilities and exposures.

Winning the battle against vulnerabilities with an EASM tool

A webinar focusing on managing external attack surfaces in the context of rapidly changing and growing company infrastructures. The session, hosted by Johanna Ydergård, VP of Product at Detectify, includes a presentation and a Q&A panel. The discussion emphasizes the need to understand what companies expose to the internet and the importance of securing these exposures.

EASM in 2023 - shortcomings with CVE-overreliance and flaws in security scoring systems

For starters, it’s no surprise that the findings revealed that organizations’ most prominent threats during 2023 are vulnerabilities not covered by common disclosure processes, like CVEs. Detectify CEO Rickard Carlsson has been talking about this for some time – his article on the trouble with CVEs and vulnerability management in modern tech stacks demonstrates the risks associated with an overly reliant approach to established methods.