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CVE-2023-6548 & CVE-2023-6549: DoS and RCE Vulnerabilities Exploited in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway

On January 16, 2024, Citrix published a security bulletin disclosing two zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-6548 & CVE-2023-6549) being actively exploited in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway.

Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Exploited in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway

Two vulnerabilities have been detected in in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway. These vulnerabilities are being tracked as CVE-2023-6549 and CVE-2023-6548 with CVSS scores of 8.2 and 5.5 respectively. They are under active exploitation, affecting the following product versions.

Citrix Bleed Vulnerability: SafeBreach Coverage for US-CERT Alert (AA23-325A)

On November 21st, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), and Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Center (ASD’s ACSC) released an advisory highlighting the ongoing exploit of the Citrix Bleed Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4966) by Lockbit 3.0 affiliates.

The 443 Podcast - Episode 266 - The Threat Actor That Hacked MGM

This week on the podcast, we review a thorough unmasking of Octa Tempest, the threat actor beind the MGM and Caesars Entertainment attacks in September. Before that, we give an update on the Cisco IOS XE vulnerability that head to an implant installed on thousands of exposed devices. We round out the episode with an analysis of CitrixBleed, an information disclosure vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler that was just patched last week.

The State of Citrix Zero-Day Vulnerabilities 2023

Critical zero-day Citrix CVE-2023-3519 is still being exploited two months after Citrix released a patch. IONIX research found that 19% of the CVE-2023-3519 vulnerabilities are still unmitigated in comparison to only 3% among IONIX customers. In addition, IONIX customers were able to resolve this critical risk three times faster.

CVE-2023-3519: Critical Unauthenticated RCE Vulnerability in Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway

On July 18th, 2023, Citrix disclosed a critical authentication bypass vulnerability affecting several versions of Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway (CVE-2023-3519). The vulnerability was identified by independent security researchers, and was responsibly disclosed to Citrix. This vulnerability could allow a threat actor to execute arbitrary code on affected appliances and may also serve as an initial access vector for ransomware and other types of malicious campaigns.

CVE-2022-27511 - Critical Vulnerability in Citrix Application Delivery Management

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Citrix released patches for multiple vulnerabilities, including CVE-2022-27511, an unauthenticated remote privilege escalation vulnerability affecting Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM). The vulnerability allows an unauthenticated user to remotely corrupt an affected system to reset the administrator password at the next device reboot. Successful exploitation allows a threat actor to gain initial access using the default credentials via SSH after a device reboot.

PROPHET SPIDER Exploits Citrix ShareFile Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE-2021-22941 to Deliver Webshell

At the start of 2022, CrowdStrike Intelligence and CrowdStrike Services investigated an incident in which PROPHET SPIDER exploited CVE-2021-22941 — a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability impacting Citrix ShareFile Storage Zones Controller — to compromise a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server. The adversary exploited the vulnerability to deploy a webshell that enabled the downloading of additional tools.

CurrentWare is Verified as Citrix Ready!

CurrentWare’s suite of user activity monitoring, web filtering, device control, and remote PC power management software has been verified as Citrix Ready®. The Citrix Ready program helps users of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop) identify third-party solutions that are verified as compatible with a Citrix VDI deployment.

How to record, log and audit any Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Horizon, and Citrix session with EKRAN

Ekran System® can help you to organize virtual desktop monitoring and user session recording in environments like VMware Horizon, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Citrix. In addition to Citrix session recording, Ekran System delivers a comprehensive set of identity and access management features, real-time alerting, and incident response tool sets.