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Incident Management

Arctic Wolf

How Security Operations Reduces the Risk of a Cyber Incident by Over 90%

The value of cybersecurity solutions is uniquely difficult to quantify. As with any risk-reduction investment, the ideal outcome is we simply avoid the outcome we’re defending against. But then how can we understand the value of our security strategy? Even if we can identify attempted compromises that are thwarted, it’s still challenging to scope out the potential impacts we were able to avert.


The SEC demands more transparency about Cybersecurity incidents in public companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced a new rule for public companies that requires them to be more transparent about cybersecurity incidents. The new rule requires companies to disclose any material cybersecurity incidents within four business days of that determination. The disclosure should describe the material aspects of the incident, including the nature of the incident, the impact on the company, and the company's response.


Transforming Security and Access with BoxyHQ's SSO Solution - A Conversation with the Spike Team

Spike is a powerful incident management platform with customers across 40+ countries. Their mission is to reduce the complexity of managing incidents and make it simple so teams of all sizes can use it.


9 Common Types of Security Incidents and How to Handle Them

Cybersecurity is one of the top concerns for organizations. In recent years, and that’s not going to change any time soon – unless, if anything, cybersecurity becomes the top concern. So what can an organization do about the rise in cybersecurity incidents? In this article we’ll take a closer look at security incidents: what they are, the most common types, and how to prevent and mitigate them.


Fitting incident management into the SOC 2 puzzle

In today’s business landscape, security and compliance mean everything. ‍ Because of this, many modern businesses look towards solutions that will provide customers and prospects with the most confidence and trust. One of these is SOC 2 compliance and attestation. SOC 2 is a marker of solid and consumer-minded companies that want to protect customer data.


Cloud forensics - An introduction to investigating security incidents in AWS, Azure and GCP

The cloud has revolutionized the way we do business. It has made it possible for us to store and access data from anywhere in the world, and it has also made it possible for us to scale our businesses up or down as needed. However, the cloud also brings with it new challenges. One of the biggest challenges is just keeping track of all of the data that is stored in the cloud. This can make it difficult to identify and respond to security incidents.

GitGuardian Playbooks - Auto-Granting Access To Incidents

At GitGuardian, we know that time can be a critical factor when any incident involving secrets occurs. That's why our platform allows you to quickly and easily automate parts of your incident response. We call these automations "Playbooks". Our Auto-access granting playbook grants the right access to the right developers so they can work on the issue as soon as possible.

Incident Response Planning Guidelines for 2023

When faced with a cybersecurity threat, few organizations know how to properly handle the incident and minimize its impact on the business. Having a well-designed incident response plan (IRP) in place can save your organization time and resources on incident remediation. We can get you started with building an efficient IRP. Read this post and create an IRP that fits your organization’s needs using the best practices from the NIST incident response framework.