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DevSecOps Security Best Practices

Carmine Acanfora, Solutions Architect at JFrog in the EMEA region, leads this security best practices webinar. In this webinar, we discuss the advanced features of the JFrog Advanced Security solution, now available in self-hosted mode. We will take the time to address your questions, particularly on topics crucial for all developers, such as: Don't miss this opportunity to explore JFrog's latest security solution and learn how to accelerate and secure your software supply chain with the first DevOps-oriented security solution on the market.

The DevSecOps Hangout

Curious to see what all the AI/ML hype is about? Watch our DevSecOps Hangout and hear how ML Model management benefits organizations by providing a single place to manage ALL software binaries, bringing DevOps best practices to ML development, and allowing organizations to ensure the integrity and security of ML models – all while leveraging an existing solution they already have in place. Watch our expert educational talks and panel discussion with our Technology Partner Qwak on MLOps, DevSecOps, AI, and Machine Learning.

The Top 10 Finance companies trust their software supply chain to JFrog

JFrog is powering entire industries, including 89% of the Fortune 100, and 10 of the top 10 finance companies in the world. All of them use JFrog to deliver applications faster, and more securely. Watch this webinar to learn some of the best practices and tools used by some of the largest FinTech and FinServ enterprises in the world.