Trust Talks with Myke Lyons, CISO - Security, Transparency, and Squids

Trust Talks with Myke Lyons, CISO - Security, Transparency, and Squids

Sravish sits down with Myke Lyons to discuss the latest security and GRC trends. Myke shares his thoughts on GRC transformation and how a security questionnaire spoiled his Friday night.

Learn what they have to say about:
🔒 The challenge of assigning a score in security
✅ The importance of transparency
⏱️ Why security questionnaires are mostly effective at taking up time
🦑 Why squid is the best food to eat under stress

Video Chapters:

0:00 Intro - Welcome to Trust Talks!

0:21 What does trust mean to you as a CISO?

1:38 How do you want to transform GRC?

3:07 Do you have a crazy security questionnaire story?

5:50 Who inspires you as an amazing Trust Champion?

6:38 Who are emerging Trust Champions you've worked with?

7:45 What's your favorite food to eat when stressed about a security incident?

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