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TrustCloud Product Updates: June 2024

Expanded support for multi business units, locations, and products. With multiple segments support across TrustCloud, you can develop and visualize your GRC requirements across business units, locations, and products. You can segment responsibilities and determine hierarchical impact through transparent parent-child relationships.

TrustCloud Product Updates: April 2024

You know us: Every month we’re cooking up something new! Here are the updates that hit TrustCloud this month. TrustShare GraphAI will answer questionnaires for you with accurate, high-quality responses. TrustShare is getting a huge AI glow up. GraphAI’s generative AI capabilities will now fill in answers that are more context aware, more natural, and more accurate than ever before.

Introducing ISO 42001 and NIST RMF Frameworks

While AI has created exciting new opportunities for business, it has created urgent questions around ethics, responsible use, development, and management. AI also introduces a new, and often nebulous, element of organizational risk. With the introduction of two frameworks, ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF, companies can now implement, demonstrate, track, and build their responsibility and trust around AI. TrustCloud is very pleased to announce that we support both ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF.

TrustCloud's New Hallucination-Proof GraphAI Shaves Hours Off Security Questionnaires

TrustCloud’s AI already pre-fills up to 80% of a security questionnaire, but we’ve developed the next iteration. TrustShare has built new generative AI capabilities called GraphAI. GraphAI will still find the right answer for a security questionnaire topic, but now it will better account for context and generate more natural, accurate responses based on your program controls. GraphAI is built on a retrieval-augmented generative (RAG) model on our large language model (LLM).

TrustCloud Product Updates: March 2024

You know us: Every month we’re cooking up something new! Here are the latest updates to hit TrustCloud this month. TrustShare Import your knowledge base without going through the questionnaire import process. Now you can import your knowledge base in one click without having to wait. Importing your knowledge base also won’t impact your total questionnaire usage counts, which will make it easier to keep track of your total questionnaire usage.

SOC 1 vs SOC 2: Everything you need to know about the SOC attestations

Service organizations often undergo SOC (Service Organization Control) attestation to assure clients and stakeholders of the effectiveness of their internal controls. Two prominent frameworks within the SOC domain are SOC 1 and SOC 2, each designed to address specific facets of a service organization’s controls. Read on to learn how to compare SOC 1 vs SOC 2 attestations.