Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server - Overview

Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server - Overview

Sep 30, 2020

Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server delivers complete visibility into Windows-based server infrastructures. It detects and reports on all changes made to server configuration — hardware and software, services, applications, network settings, registry settings, DNS, and more. In addition, it provides event log management and video recording of user activity.

Windows Server is a truly key element of IT infrastructure for many organizations because it’s a platform for mission-critical services. Terminal services, software, databases, scheduled tasks — all these things make the business run, and they’re all managed in Windows.

The flip side to this power is vulnerability. Even a single unauthorized change in Windows Server can lead to leaks of sensitive data, hinder day-to-day operations, and require hours of investigation and troubleshooting.

So how can you know when, say, someone installs new software, adds local users or modifies services? And how do you deal with constant report requests from internal and external auditors?

You could enable native Windows auditing and filter security logs — but crawling through mountains of log entries takes days or even weeks of your time, and because events are being constantly overwritten, the evidence you seek may not even be there.

Another option is writing XML or PowerShell scripts, but it requires special skills and the scripts are hard for the original developer to maintain, let alone anyone else.

Want a more effective approach? Meet Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server, the IT auditing software that maximizes visibility into what’s happening in your Windows-based server environment.

  • Quickly get the insight you need from predefined reports that contain Who, What, When, Where details and ‘before’ and ‘after’ values for all changes.
  • Stay on top of critical security events with real-time alerts. Be notified when someone adds or deletes programs, creates a scheduled task, or starts or stops key services.
  • Prevent abuse of power by reviewing video recordings of the activity of privileged users in critical systems and applications.
  • Answer auditors’ questions faster with out-of-the-box compliance reports and ad-hoc Interactive Search.

Visit for a free trial or a one-to-one demo and enable complete visibility of Windows Server today.