Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD - Overview

Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD - Overview

Sep 30, 2020

Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD enables complete visibility into user actions, including user sign-in activity, in your Azure AD deployment. The application provides actionable intelligence about successful and failed sign-in attempts and critical changes to Azure AD users, groups, roles, contacts, applications, devices, licenses and more.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is gaining importance as more organizations turn to the cloud for their day-to-day operations. A variety of applications and web services can run in the cloud, and Azure AD offers the convenience of single sign-on across many of those solutions, as well as much of your on-premises environment. Behind the scenes, system administrators gain centralized SaaS application access and management capabilities.

But even a single unauthorized change to Azure AD configuration or security settings can allow the exfiltration of sensitive data or hamper business processes. If all you have is native logging, then auditing, investigations and troubleshooting are all difficult and time-consuming tasks. So how do you ensure you stay informed about security events like the addition of a new Global administrator, the deletion of a security group, or changes to domain status? And how do you deliver evidence of regulatory compliance when auditors show up?

Meet Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD. This application maximizes visibility into what’s happening in your Azure Active Directory.

  • Stay on top of changes — whether they were made in Azure AD or your on-premises AD — with easy-to-use reports that deliver the critical details about who made a change, what was changed, and when and where each change occurred.
  • Enforce your access control policies and thwart attackers by keeping an eye on both successful and failed user sign-in attempts in Azure AD.
  • Rapidly identify threats, such as suspicious account changes or a spike in failed sign-in attempts, with alerts on critical activity.
  • Easily demonstrate your compliance with out-of-the-box reports tailored to many common regulations, and quickly answer additional questions from auditors using Interactive Search.

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