Keeper for Teams and Small Business 3 Minute Demo

Keeper for Teams and Small Business 3 Minute Demo

May 12, 2023

Keeper eliminates the pain of having to remember passwords while protecting your business from password-related data breaches and cyberthreats. Keeper stores and protects your website passwords, financial information and other sensitive documents in an encrypted vault. Keeper can generate unique, secure passwords for you that you can unlock with a single Master Password. Keeper makes it easy to login to websites without having to remember passwords ever again.

Vault Records
Here in the vault, users can store and protect passwords, files and any type of confidential information. Vault records can be viewed as folders, tiles or as a list. Records can be organized into subfolders and shared folders using drag-and-drop.

Once you enter the record details, our password generator can help create strong and unique passwords for every site.

You can also attach any type of file to vault records, such as a passport photo, media file or other document.

Keeper's autofill feature called "KeeperFill" makes it easy to login, save passwords and change passwords on any website or app. KeeperFill works seamlessly on every browser and operating system.

Sharing Records and Folders
With Keeper, you can share folders with other users and teams from vault to vault using strong encryption. In Keeper you can share at the folder or individual record level with full control over permissions.

BreachWatch automatically scans passwords in the vault against public data breaches on the Dark Web. It then alerts users so they can take action to protect their accounts.

Admin Console
Business customers login to the Admin Console to invite other users, set policies, manage teams and monitor usage. The Admin Console works for any sized business and doesn’t require any technical expertise to use it.

Inviting Users
To add your users, you can either manually invite individual users or perform a bulk import of users. We also support just-in-time provisioning when using a Single Sign-On product.

Users can be managed through the use of Roles and Teams. Enforcement policies control how users access their vault and what features that they can use.

Enforcement Policies
Role-based Enforcement Policies can be defined based on a user's job responsibility. A role can also have administrative permissions. Enforcement policies offer a wide-range of control features including: user login settings, two-factor authentication, sharing and uploading, KeeperFill settings and many more.

Teams can be created to share records and folders. The administrator can create teams from the Admin Console or they can be auto-provisioned from AD, Azure or any other identity provider.

Account Transfer
Account Transfer allows a Keeper Administrator to transfer records and data from one user to another, if for example, an employee leaves the company or the employee is terminated.

Security Audit
The Security Audit feature provides a high-level view of password strength and reused passwords across team members.

Secure Add-Ons
There are also a number of Secure Add-On features that are available to Business customers, such as: Advanced Reporting, Compliance Reports, Secrets Management and Remote Connection Management. These can be added to your Keeper subscription at any time.

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