How to Understand the Software Supply Chain

How to Understand the Software Supply Chain

Sep 2, 2020

The software supply chain can come with great risk if you’re not set up with the right processes, solutions, and tools, as well as the right checks and balances for third-party vendors.

What Will You Learn?
The entire development process, from ideation to creation and even the tools you have in place, can stall if there are security issues in your software supply chain. Without the right infrastructure in place, that can mean problems for your CI/CD and, down the road, the applications your customers rely on. Watch part one of this session to learn more about:

  • What the software supply chain is and why it has risks
  • The tools and processes used in software development
  • How to work and communicate with third-party services

Presented by Niels Tanis, Principal Security Researcher at Veracode