Create and Manage API Service Accounts with the Identity API

Create and Manage API Service Accounts with the Identity API

Mar 12, 2021

In this video you will learn how to use the Identify REST API command to:

  • Create an API service account,
  • Create teams,
  • Assign user roles and teams to API service accounts, and
  • Update an API service account.

Veracode REST APIs enable you to access Veracode Platform data and functionality using REST API programming conventions. The API provides endpoints for managing users, teams, and business units, using the create, update, read, and delete actions on their respective objects. It also provides a consistent way of onboarding teams by scripting the process from start to finish. This capability includes managing API service accounts .

An API service account is for non-human users, such as systems or services, that need to access the Veracode APIs. Veracode recommends that you use this account for automations. API Service Accounts are different than user accounts, which can access the Veracode Platform and the Veracode APIs.

Note: To access the REST APIs, you must use Veracode API credentials and HMAC authentication to protect your Veracode account and keep your data secure. The Veracode REST APIs follow the OpenAPI industry standard specification. The APIs accept JSON for request payload and also send responses to JSON, instead of XML. These APIs return JSON , instead of XMLThis demo uses the Insomnia REST Client to call the Veracode APIs .

You can download the API specification from the Help Center: