Active Directory Security with Netwrix Solutions

Active Directory Security with Netwrix Solutions

May 24, 2022

Gain peace of mind by securing your Active Directory and Azure AD from end to end. Identify and mitigate security gaps before attackers exploit them. Detect, respond and recover fast from security incidents to minimize downtime and business impact.

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95 million AD accounts are attacked every single day. The reason is simple: Active Directory is the gateway to your critical data, applications, and IT infrastructure. How can you protect your business?

Netwrix security solutions help you secure your Active Directory from end to end, on premises and in the cloud, so that the identities, the sensitive data they provide access to, and the infrastructure upon which AD runs become clean, understood, properly configured, closely monitored and tightly controlled, making your life easier and your organization more secure.

Netwrix security solutions address all the key functions of AD security — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover:

  • Strengthen your security posture and reduce the risk of a security breach by identifying and protecting against security gaps in your AD configurations, policies, objects, and more, before external attackers or malicious insiders exploit them.
  • Detect and respond to even advanced threats in time to avoid or minimize damage with advanced security intelligence and automated response actions.
  • Recover fast to make sure the business remains operational. You can roll back unwanted changes to Active Directory instantly or recover an entire domain faster than you thought possible.

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