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CTO Talk: ChatGPT vs GuardGPT. Generative AI in the context of cybersecurity.

In 2022, generative AI has gone mainstream, but what many don’t know is that generative models can also have a dark side, they have given rise to a new breed of cyber attacks. These attacks exploit the defining property of generative models—their ability to generate plausible new examples of some type of data, to synthesize passwords or fingerprints to break authentication, to masquerade malware as harmless software to avoid detection, and much more.

LogSentinel`s 2022 Year in Review

Last year brought us many challenges in the cybersecurity aspect. The malicious actors become more sophisticated, and the breaches are more aggressive. The role of cybersecurity solutions has become more apparent. LogSentinel understood the need for cybersecurity solutions for all types of organizations. SMEs are a regular target for hackers due to the lack of cybersecurity specialists and tools that can manage the security of the organization.

CTO Talk: Eight Built-in Layers of Threat-Fighting Weapons

LogSentinel’s operational security platform ( SIEM, XDR & SOAR) continuously optimizes the models of specialized threat systems and has created eight layers of anti-threat weapons. Based on the characteristics of user behavior and traffic analysis, the series of local anti-threat modules form an iron wall to prevent telecommunication and network threats and protect the safety of users’ communications and property.

Cyber-Attacks - Monitoring, Prediction, and Confrontation

The LogSentinel reactive security operations platform continues to integrate new cyber defense capabilities, source tracking and combat. The system integrates AI, XDR (EDR, NDR, MDR), scouting, surveillance, traceability, protection, response and confrontation capabilities.

The Blockchain In Cybersecurity: Blockchain SIEM

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is one of the main challenges currently faced by our society. Hackers who got into government servers and private communication services have become a global threat. The blockchain could be a revolutionary technology in the fight against cyber threats, offering to protect databases and generally ensure integrity. Data protection is today’s top cybersecurity priority for any company.

CTO-Talk: Defense Artifacts for Zero-Trust Security

Based on blockchain technology, LogSentinel designs and implements a zero-trust security system that stores data on-chain, uploads local log files to the blockchain for storage, and provides a visual interface for users to use security analysis functions. The system can provide safe and reliable storage of security device logs and at the same time provide convenience for log analysis and log forensics. LogSentinel solves the problems associated with easy-to-delete, tamper, and falsifying log files.

Threat Intel - a Crucial Part of Cybersecurity

Threat detection is a key practice to information security. Identifying threats and detecting them on time helps to ensure enterprise security. If a threat is detected, then mitigation efforts must be enacted to properly neutralize the threat before it can exploit any vulnerabilities. Some of the most common threat detection processes are implemented through Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions and Security Information and Event Management

3 Cases of Hacked IoT Devices -- LogSentinel

internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices, software, sensors, or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs), with the ability to transfer data over a network without the need for human interaction. Many #IoT devices remain unmonitored and improperly managed. These risks can become life-threatening when it involves the #healthcare sector. LogSentinel presents 3 notorious cases of hacked IoT devices and ways to keep your IoT devices safe. Monitoring threads and mitigating the risk for #cybersecurity in your organization is crucial.

LogSentinel: The power of XDR - Stay ahead of the curve

At this year's InfoSec conference hosted by Computer 2000, LogSentinel presented - “The power of #XDR -stay ahead of the curve” Asen Kehayov CEO and Nikolay Raychev CTO presented in depth the XDR trend in #cybersecurity and how LogSentinel SIEM accommodates conceptual architecture and improves the industry vision of #XDR.