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Secure Elixir development with Snyk

We’re happy to announce support for Elixir, enabling development and security teams to easily find, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in the Elixir and Erlang packages they are using to build their applications! Using the Snyk CLI, Elixir developers can now test and monitor their Mix/Hex projects manually or at key steps of their CI process, ensuring that known vulnerabilities are caught early on and before code is deployed into production.

How I sped up one of our test suites by 17.5x by explicitly defining Elixir protocol implementations

Fallback protocols could be causing slower tests when running with code coverage. Defining protocol implementations can improve the speed. Hi, I’m Philip Ross, a developer working on Tinfoil API Scanner at Synopsys Software Integrity Group. A few months ago, I sped up one of our test suites from about 6 minutes to around 20 seconds.