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What is White Box Penetration Testing: Examples & Methodologies

Organisations require robust security measures that go beyond surface-level checks. Frankly, those days are gone now. White box penetration testing emerges as a powerful tool in this arsenal, offering a comprehensive security assessment by leveraging “insider” knowledge. Let’s delve into what white box penetration testing entails, its methodologies, and real-world examples illustrating its effectiveness.

Cloud Penetration Testing: Tools, Methodology & Prerequisites

Businesses increasingly migrate to cloud-based solutions for storage, applications, and critical functions. While the cloud offers scalability and agility, it also introduces new security challenges. Cloud penetration testing is a crucial defence mechanism for proactively identifying and addressing these vulnerabilities.

A Comprehensive Guide to API Penetration Testing

API penetration testing, or API pentesting, is a specialised form of security testing focused on identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities within an API (Application Programming Interface). APIs are the backbone of modern web applications, enabling communication between different software systems.

What is Mobile Application Penetration Testing: Benefits & Tools

Mobile applications are ubiquitous, but their security can be a concern. Unlike web applications, in a mobile landscape, both the device and the mobile application have a crucial role in security due to increasing cyber threats. Mobile application penetration testing (mobile app pen testing) is a proactive security measure to identify and address vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them.

External Penetration Testing: Cost, Tools, Steps, & Checklist

External penetration testing is a critical cybersecurity practice that helps organisations defend their internet-facing assets. By simulating the actions of a real-world attacker, external penetration tests reveal vulnerabilities in your web applications, networks, and other externally accessible systems.

Everything you need to know about network penetration testing [+checklist to follow]

Network penetration testing is an essential element of a business penetration testing strategy. It focused on the infrastructure assets such as networks, segmentation, network devices, and configuration. This post focuses on network penetration testing, its types, methodology, costs, tools, etc.

What is Penetration Testing: A comprehensive business guide

Penetration testing, or pen testing for short, is a critical way to protect IT systems and sensitive data from malicious activity proactively. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how this technique works, business benefits, its types, methodologies, costs, and everything in between.