Workflow Automation: Intelligent Task Delegation for Groups and Users

Workflow Automation: Intelligent Task Delegation for Groups and Users

Oct 28, 2022

We believe compliance should be a team sport. With Workflow Automation, your team can be segmented into “groups”, including DevOps, Engineering, HR, and Legal. TrustOps intelligently delegates tasks, controls, tests, and systems into these groups. Group have owners, who assign each component of your company’s compliance program to the right person within their group.

Once controls, policies, and systems are assigned, each team member receives a set of intelligent task recommendations, automatically prioritized for their role and responsibilities. They can work on these tasks themselves, or delegate them to others as they see fit — after all, it’s the individual system owner who understands that system best. Tasks can be linked to your own external ticketing system (such as JIRA, Asana, or Shortcut), and can optionally include due dates.

To make task management even easier, TrustOps intelligently marks tasks as “done” when the work is complete, so your “fix this test” task will be automatically completed once the underlying test passes. When important events occur, TrustOps automatically creates new prioritized tasks and assigns them to the right people, so that your team can focus on moving towards your compliance goals.

For Compliance Admin eyes only: with this feature, you and your leadership team can track progress and pending work for each group in the business, identify bottlenecks, and periodically remind team members to clear compliance backlogs that may be building up.