Whitelist Sensitive Content Locations

Whitelist Sensitive Content Locations

Nov 1, 2021

Whitelist sensitive data locations so you are notified about what matters most.

To keep content in your repository secure and compliant, Egnyte scans all of your folder locations for sensitive content. However, there are often folders where sensitive content is intentionally allowed to live.

To whitelist sensitive content by location or policy, first select the Sensitive Content tab.

By selecting any of the locations that are flagged with sensitive content, you’ll be given a list of policies for which the specified content was found. From there, check off which policies are permitted to live in that particular folder location.

Or, select Manage Permitted Locations and the policy of your choice to customize exactly where content matching that policy should be allowed to live. Those folders will no longer be flagged as Unpermitted Sensitive Content Locations.

Whitelist your sensitive content locations so Egnyte only provides the notifications you need.