Webinar on Key to Effective Cloud Security in 2020

Webinar on Key to Effective Cloud Security in 2020

Apr 1, 2020

Cloud migration challenges

Few applications don’t work well on cloud-like how they work on-premises, IT leaders need to figure out cloud migration failures in such instances as it could be due to poor latency, compliance challenges or security concerns. Due to the higher cost of cloud people generally think applications will work well however it is not the case as few applications won’t work well on the cloud that is why it is important for managers to rethink their strategies.

Having a solid cloud exit strategy is as important as having a good migration strategy. IT managers need to know where the data will go, how to manage the technical transition and then how to address any business or legal issues that may arise as a result of reverse migration.

Since AWS is in such widespread use, it's worth noting some of the common mistakes made by AWS cloud administrators.

Don't underestimate proper staff training. If staff cannot be trained prior to a cloud migration it will become much harder later on.
This Webinar covers

  1. Live demonstration of powerful tools that enhances and magnifies the security testing process for Cloud infrastructures like Amazon AWS, GCP, and Azure
  2. Governance and risk management
  3. Virtualization and containers
  4. Security issues while migrating cloud
  5. Shared responding models and security governance by CSA