Trust Talks with Rohit Parchuri, CISO at Yext

Trust Talks with Rohit Parchuri, CISO at Yext

Sravish sits down with Rohit Parchuri to discuss the latest GRC and security trends.

Here’s what they discuss:
🤝 Approaching vendor evaluation using human connection
💔 Rohit’s love/hate relationship with security questionnaires
🤔 Trust in the era of ChatGPT


0:00 Welcome to TrustTalks

1:00 How can CISOs become trust champions in their organization?

8:07 How do we get our vendors to be trustworthy and how do you evaluate vendors?

13:10 Would CISOs use tools that connect GRC activities to revenue?

15:35 How do you trust security questionnaires and policy documents in the age of ChatGPT?

18:56 Who are trust champions who have inspired you?

21:29 What food do you eat during a stressful security incident?

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