Tanium Converge 2023 - CTF - Capture The Flag

Tanium Converge 2023 - CTF - Capture The Flag

Nov 29, 2023

Meet the mastermind behind Tanium's CTF event and learn how to prepare for the July 2024 virtual event in this exclusive behind-the-scenes interview. Find out what types of challenges to expect and how to prepare. We hope this content brightens your day.

CTF. Capture the Flag. Each year this "Olympics of cybersecurity" is the most anticipated event on the tech track at Tanium Converge. Your team will test and sharpen skills in digital forensics and incident response (#dfir) in a gamified environment of solving puzzles in threat hunting, memory analysis, PCAP analysis, etc. This is the most immersive and intense fun for many attendees each year. The event is hybrid, allowing participation both in-person and remotely from literally around the world.

Watch the previous CTF overview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch

Tanium's 2023 Converge user conference was held November 13-16 in Austin, Texas. Keynotes and breakouts are available on-demand at http://converge.tanium.com. Converge 2024 will be in Orlando, Florida, November 18-21.
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00:00 Converge 2023 CTF

00:36 Scenario

02:50 Challenges

03:46 Escape Room

05:30 How to participate


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