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SSH Snake - Tanium Tech Talks #95

In January of 2024 the #Linux / Unix world was rocked by a script that worms its way through insecure SSH connections to map your environment. A team of two Tanium SMEs built content that you need to find and map your exposure, giving you the information necessary to remediate your environment. But #Windows and #MacOS are not off the hook. SSH services on other platforms have the same exposure. Use this Tanium content to find the issue everywhere it is applicable.

Tanium ITX for ServiceNow

Unite IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and IT Operations Management with real-time asset visibility and actionability through a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of their enterprise hardware, software, and virtual asset inventory and usage in the ServiceNow CMDB. Enable self-service software deployments, usage-based revocation, incident remediation, and planned patch operations.

Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow

Proactively identify endpoint vulnerabilities and compliance risk, automate patching to close security gaps, enrich security incidents with real-time intelligence, and identify unauthorized changes and configurations. Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow facilitates IT, security, and risk teams to identify, prioritize, remediate, and proactively eliminate critical gaps at scale.

Unauthorized Change Detection - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #93

See how Tanium and ServiceNow can alert you when someone changes a critical server outside a change window. Is it legit? Is it a threat actor? Track these changes and find out. Regulated customers routinely shell out big bucks for file integrity monitoring solutions. Now with Tanium and ServiceNow you can pass audit in a short amount of time and customize the process to your needs, all with unmatched industry capabilities.

Partner Perspectives | Computacenter on Tanium and Autonomous Endpoint Management

Chris McMahon, Security Practice Lead at Computacenter, shares what excites him about Tanium's vision for Autonomous Endpoint Management (AEM). Hear his insights on how AEM will enable him to focus on the hard problems while decreasing manual efforts to fix common issues.