Run confidently with secure DevOps

Run confidently with secure DevOps

Apr 8, 2021

The rapid pace of digital transformation is accelerating the shift to cloud-native applications using containers and Kubernetes to speed the pace of delivery.

But application delivery is one thing.

Application uptime performance and protection are another.

For cloud teams already running production one fact is clear, monitoring and troubleshooting are
only the beginning.

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They also need to own security and compliance for their apps.

In cloud-native DevOps is not enough.

It's time for secure DevOps.

Sysdig converges security and compliance with visibility for secure DevOps workflows.

With Sysdig secure DevOps platform, cloud teams can embed security from scanning through threat detection prevention and response gained deeper visibility to prevent issues and expedite fixes and precisely validate application compliance

The Sysdig platform is built on an open-source foundation enhancing performance and
scalability and adding app context and workflow innovations to improve usability.

In an era when application availability is everything integrating security and compliance into your DevOps workflows simply make sense.

With Sysdig secure DevOps platform cloud teams can run Kubernetes and containers in
production, continuously and confidently.

Make your move to secure DevOps with Sysdig

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