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Sysdig Attack Path in action: A new way to visualize cloud security risks

Discover "Risk Prioritization" and "Attack Path Analysis" - a powerful solution designed to tackle the challenges of protecting against modern cloud attacks head-on, and provide invaluable insights into cloud security. Powered by the Cloud Attack Graph, the new Risks page shows a prioritized list of the potential risks in your cloud infrastructure. The risks in the page are not merely just another list of prescriptions: they are periodically re-evaluated and re-prioritized based on the findings in your infrastructure.

Unparalleled Cloud Visibility in Action with Sysdig's Enhanced Searchable Inventory

Discover how Sysdig’s "Improved Inventory" can help you find your way inside your ever-growing cloud infrastructure with minimal effort. With Inventory, navigating the intricate network of your cloud resources becomes not just manageable, but intuitive. It provides a seamless interface that marries comprehensive visibility with dynamic searchability, making it the cornerstone of effective cloud security posture management.

Strengthening Your Security with Agentless Vulnerability Management

Discover how Sysdig Secure’s new “Agentless Vulnerability Management” approach helps you streamline the onboarding of new deployments, while significantly cutting down complexity and setup time. Agentless security tools generally rely on leveraging existing interfaces and APIs provided by the cloud service providers to collect information and perform vulnerability assessments.

Rethinking Cloud Security with Sysdig's CNAPP

Time is the currency of the cloud, where rapid innovation collides with fast-paced attacks. Discover how Sysdig's Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) reimagines cloud security, leveraging the Cloud Attack Graph, powered by runtime insights to correlate assets, detect risks, and provide real-time insights. See how to connect the dots and uncover hidden attack paths, prioritize risks, and stop attacks in their tracks. With Sysdig, secure every second.

Combatting Cloud Threats: The Accelerated Attack Speed of 2023 (LIVE)

Cloud threats are evolving and attackers are moving faster than ever! Join Sysdig’s Michael Clark (Director, Threat Research) and Anna Belak (Director, Office of Cybersecurity Strategy) LIVE on Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube, as they discuss key findings from Sysdig’s �������� ������������ ���������� ������������ ������������. From cloud automation as a weapon to software supply chain vulnerabilities — the annual report authored by Sysdig’s Threat Research Team exposes shocking statistics on the evolving tactics of attackers lurking within the clouds.

Cloud Security Meets GenAI: Introducing Sysdig Sage

The scale and complexity of the cloud has redefined the security battleground. Threats can now be anywhere and attacks are far, far faster. We are proud to introduce Sysdig Sage - an AI-powered security assistant that redefines what it means to respond at cloud speed. With Sage's help, you can take action on an attack in under 60 seconds! Using multi-domain correlation, multi-step reasoning, and - most importantly - runtime insights, Sage speeds up your investigation by prioritizing security events, providing context, and helping you assess risk.

Vulnerabilities: The Gateway to Cloud Breaches

Things move fast in the cloud and cyber attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities that they can exploit to gain access. In this short video, see the challenges faced by security teams in managing the ever growing list of vulnerabilities. Runtime insights provides the intelligence required to shift left - find and prevent vulnerabilities earlier, and shield right - protect what’s running in production.

Sysdig Enriched Process Trees, an Innovative Approach to Threat Detection

Discover how Sysdig Secure’s new Process Tree feature improves threat investigation. In order to speed up the investigation of security events, Sysdig Secure now includes a process tree showing the attack journey from user to process, including process lineage, container and host information, malicious user details, and impact. In Linux systems, a process tree refers to the hierarchical representation of running processes on a system. It depicts the parent-child relationship between processes all the way to the root.