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Leadership Strategies for Risk Reduction, Transparency, and Speed

To respond to the increasing number of federal cybersecurity recommendations and regulations, cybersecurity leaders and their teams need to be confident in the transparency and resiliency of their security processes. The key is a strong and well documented risk management program. This is imperative for the compliance or incident audits that come with regulations.

Optimizing Wireshark in Kubernetes

In Kubernetes, managing and analyzing network traffic poses unique challenges due to the ephemeral nature of containers and the layered abstraction of Kubernetes structures like pods, deployments, and services. Traditional tools like Wireshark, although powerful, struggle to adapt to these complexities, often capturing excessive, irrelevant data – what we call “noise.”

Cloud Security and Compliance: A Smarter Approach to Keeping Your Head Above Water

When it comes to cloud security and compliance, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of regulations and requirements. But don’t worry; we’re all in the same boat! That’s why we’re thrilled to share our latest point-of-view (POV) paper, “Practical Cloud Security in the Era of Cybersecurity Regulation,” which is crafted with our deep industry expertise and experience.

The Race for Artificial Intelligence Governance

As AI adoptions become increasingly integral to all aspects of society worldwide, there is a heightened global race to establish artificial intelligence governance frameworks that ensure their safe, private, and ethical use. Nations and regions are actively developing policies and guidelines to manage AI’s expansive influence and mitigate associated risks. This global effort reflects a recognition of the profound impact that AI has on everything from consumer rights to national security.

Accelerating AppSec with and Sysdig

Today at RSA Conference 2024, and Sysdig unveiled a joint solution targeted at helping developers, DevOps, and security teams accelerate secure software delivery from development to deployment. The integration incorporates the exchange of runtime insights and application ownership context between Sysdig Secure and Mend Container to provide users with superior, end-to-end, and risk-based vulnerability prioritization and remediation across development and production environments.

LLMjacking: Stolen Cloud Credentials Used in New AI Attack

The Sysdig Threat Research Team (TRT) recently observed a new attack that leveraged stolen cloud credentials in order to target ten cloud-hosted large language model (LLM) services, known as LLMjacking. The credentials were obtained from a popular target, a system running a vulnerable version of Laravel (CVE-2021-3129). Attacks against LLM-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have been discussed often, but mostly around prompt abuse and altering training data.

Strengthening Cloud Security Together: Meet the Runtime Insights Partner Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security, staying ahead of threats is paramount. Success requires well-orchestrated cybersecurity solutions that work together from prevention to defense. Today we launched our latest initiative, the Runtime Insights Partner Ecosystem, which brings together leading solutions that strengthen cloud security through integration and collaboration.

Accelerating AI Adoption: AI Workload Security for CNAPP

When it comes to securing applications in the cloud, adaptation is not just a strategy but a necessity. We’re currently experiencing a monumental shift driven by the mass adoption of AI, fundamentally changing the way companies operate. From optimizing efficiency through automation to transforming the customer experience with speed and personalization, AI has empowered developers with exciting new capabilities.