Remediating Mars' Cloud Security Risks with Wiz & Tines

Remediating Mars' Cloud Security Risks with Wiz & Tines

Apr 12, 2024

93% of security practitioners believe that more automation would improve the work they produce.

Join us as we explore how Mars used Tines & Wiz to identify and remediate security risks within their cloud infrastructure with automated workflows. Along with insights on how to leverage Tines and Wiz, webinar attendees will hear directly from Mars about the impact these platforms have had on their business resilience and security culture.

What to expect from the webinar: A panel discussion covering:

  • How Tines and Wiz can improve cloud security and reduce friction in current processes
  • Insights from Mars on their investment in enhanced detection and response
  • How companies can use these insights to operationalize cloud detection and response across their - teams and make security a team sport
  • How to set security goals that are visible across the C-Suite
  • Q&A session with Mars, Tines and Wiz