Ransomware Protection with Netwrix Solution

Ransomware Protection with Netwrix Solution

Apr 26, 2022

Reduce your risk of a ransomware infection, catch and stop an attack that gets through — before it kidnaps your data and ruins your week or even shutters your business.

It’s 6:53 AM and your mobile starts blowing up with calls, emails and texts from users complaining that they cannot access the files they need. One is from the CEO. You’ve read about nightmare scenarios like this at other companies; has ransomware finally struck yours? Ransomware gets more sophisticated every day, and just one successful attack can be devastating — ending IT careers and putting the victim company out of business.
The Netwrix ransomware solution can help you dramatically reduce your risk and protect your business. Its multi-layered approach addresses all the key functions of IT security — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover:

  • Accurately identify and remediate security gaps in your Active Directory and harden your system configurations to block ransomware from entering your network in the first place.
  • Protect your sensitive and business-critical data by making sure it’s stored only in secure locations, rigorously enforcing least privilege, eliminating standing privilege, and preventing changes to sensitive Group Policy objects and security groups.
  • Detect active ransomware threats promptly with an early warning system that spots suspicious user behavior, risky changes to files and configurations, malicious files or DLLs dropped on your systems, privilege escalation attempts, altered applications, and more.
  • Respond and recover fast to minimize the impact of ransomware on your business. Shut down threats automatically by disabling the compromised account, ending the session or executing your custom script. Understand how the attack unfolded and exactly what content was affected, and quickly revert to a secure state by instantly rolling back unwanted changes — including any backdoors that would put you at risk of future attacks.

Visit netwrix.com/ransomware to learn more about the Netwrix ransomware protection solution and request your one-to-one demo.