Protect Citizens' Data with Netwrix solutions

Protect Citizens' Data with Netwrix solutions

May 28, 2020

Netwrix helps over 1000 public sector organizations around the world to secure citizens’ data and prove IT compliance.

Are you stressed from having to keep your citizens’ data secure, comply with rigorous government regulations and ensure uninterrupted services? You don’t have to be.
Netwrix helps over 1000 public sector organizations just like yours protect their citizen’s data and pass audits with less stress and expense.
Minimize the risk of a data breach and avoid financial losses by:

  • Knowing where your citizen’s PII data is located and how exposed it is
  • Identifying security gaps that put critical data at risk
  • Spotting suspicious activity from contractors and promptly locking them out before any damage is done

Meet quality service commitments and avoid citizens' frustration at prolonged outages by:

  • Timely noticing events that may cause downtime
  • Quickly finding the root cause of operational incidents and promptly addressing them
    Avoid fines for noncompliance and the fatigue of undergoing repeated audits by keeping all the required hard evidence at your fingertips thanks to out-of-the-box reports that are aligned with controls specific to FISMA, NIST, GDPR and other standards.
    Visit and try an interactive in-browser demo to learn how Netwrix enables public sector organizations to achieve compliance and preserve the confidentiality of citizens’ PII.