Maximize Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance with Egnyte

Maximize Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance with Egnyte

May 18, 2022

In this video, you’ll learn how Egnyte helps you to identify and manage regulated content across all of your company’s data repositories. You’ll also find out how to classify data with single-click policy creation and rapidly respond to Subject Access Requests (SARs) and legal holds.

Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets. But, it can also be a potential source of liability if it’s not secured effectively. So, companies need to learn how to share content securely, on a “Business Need to Know” basis. This helps them to protect their valuable content and to comply with ever-increasing data privacy regulation.

Egnyte helps companies to comply with important data privacy regulations, such as CCPA, GDPR and UK GDPR. Egnyte also helps organizations to comply with key industry regulations such as PCI-DSS and NYDFS.

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