May 30, 2024

KeeperMSP is the most secure, cybersecurity and password management platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyberthreats. Designed exclusively for Managed Service Providers, KeeperMSP provides a powerful, easy-to-use platform to protect you and your customers’ passwords and sensitive data in secure, encrypted vaults.

Web Vault
Keeper’s Web Vault is where each provisioned user will securely store and access their passwords, credentials, files and any private data.

You and your customers have the choice of using the Keeper Web Vault, the KeeperFill Browser Extension, Keeper’s Desktop App for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or our mobile app for iOS and Android. They work together and they also can work independently.

Admin Console
As an MSP, you can provision users, manage teams, set policies and monitor usage for all of your customers from a central Admin Console.

Base Plans & Secure Add-Ons
To add a Managed Company, simply choose a Base Plan and select any Secure Add-Ons you would like to add.

Keeper offers multiple base plans to suit a variety of managed company types. "Business" plans are intended for smaller businesses who do not need advanced provisioning capabilities. "Enterprise" plans have advanced provisioning capabilities, including: Active Directory, Single Sign On (SSO), Azure AD and SCIM.

Keeper's Secure Add-Ons provide comprehensive visibility, security and control, all within one unified platform - with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security. MSPs can add or remove Secure Add-Ons at any time for internal use or for their Managed Companies without having to contact Keeper.

Here you can view all of your Managed Companies. Click the launch button to open a company's Admin Console where you can act as their administrator, invite users, and perform any other administrative functions on their behalf.

Users can be managed through the use of Roles and Teams. Enforcement policies control how users access their vault and what features that they can use.

You'll notice the default "Keeper Administrator" and "MSP Subscription Manager" roles. The MSP Subscription Manager has access to the “Subscriptions” tab and main function is to manage billing for the MSP.

Enforcement Policies
Role-Based Enforcement Policies allow you to define policies based on a user's job responsibility as well as provide delegated administrative functions. MSPs can utilize this built-in functionality to strengthen their customers’ requirements for industry compliance with HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR and more.

Enforcement policies offer a wide-range of control features including: user login settings, two-factor authentication, sharing and uploading, KeeperFill settings and many more.

Account Transfer
Account Transfer allows a Keeper Administrator to transfer records and data from one user to another, if for example, an employee leaves the company or the employee is terminated.

Teams can be created to enable secure, granular and controlled sharing of credentials, secrets and vaults among groups of users within a managed company. An administrator can create teams from the Admin Console or they can be auto-provisioned from AD, Azure or any other identity provider.

Security Audit Overview
The Security Audit feature provides a high-level view of password strength and reused passwords across Managed Companies as well as individual users.

Billing & Invoicing
Keeper maintains visibility on average daily license use for all Managed Companies under Billing Statements. You can filter by billing period, managed company and base plan.

KeeperMSP’s billing model allows MSPs and their managed companies the flexibility to allocate Keeper licenses to their users and pay for those licenses at the end of the month. While other MSP solutions in the market bill upfront before licenses are allocated to users, Keeper is designed to scale with your MSP business as you add individual managed companies and users.

Lastly, streamline your operations with integration tools for you and your customers. Regardless of the technology stack your customers choose, Keeper offers a wide variety of integrations.

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