How to Block Websites - Web Filtering Software Tutorial (2021) | BrowseControl

How to Block Websites - Web Filtering Software Tutorial (2021) | BrowseControl

Need to restrict internet access in your network? In this tutorial, you will learn how to block websites and restrict employee internet use with a free trial of BrowseControl, CurrentWare’s web filtering software.

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This video will cover:
How to block websites on an employee’s computer
How to block access to a website with a URL blacklist
How to restrict internet access to only certain sites
How to block websites based on their content
How to restrict internet access at certain times

BrowseControl is an easy-to-use software to block websites on a computer or laptop. BrowseControl helps organizations enforce policies, improve productivity, reduce bandwidth consumption, and meet compliance requirements—no matter where their users are located.

🌐 Block websites based on URL, content category, and IP address
🌐 Stop users from launching specific Window applications
🌐 Set unique internet restrictions for each computer, user, or department
🌐 Block websites on Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, and Windows Server
🌐 Block websites on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and all other modern browsers

Did you know that the CurrentWare Suite includes employee internet monitoring software? Learn how CurrentWare’s workplace internet filtering and monitoring software solutions prevent the misuse of the internet in the workplace:


There are 3 ways to block a site with BrowseControl...
1) Block access to specific websites with the Block List
2) Restrict internet access to only certain sites with the Allow List
3) Block access to web content categories such as Porn, Virus Infected, or Social Media with Category Filtering

Here’s how you can block employee internet access with BrowseControl:
1) Sign up for a free trial of BrowseControl at

2) Run CurrentWare.exe on the administrator’s computer to install the CurrentWare Console and Server.

3) Install the CurrentWare Client (cwClientSetup.exe) on each computer that you would like to restrict internet access of

4) Open the CurrentWare Console, select BrowseControl, then click on “URL Filter” if you want to block or allow specific websites, or click “Category Filtering” if you want to block websites based on content category

5) Select the group of computers or users you want to restrict

6) Add the websites or categories you would like to block to the Block List

7) Finally, click “Apply to Clients”.

That’s it! You have now blocked your employees, students, or patrons from accessing those websites.

For full installation instructions, please visit this video:


00:00 Intro - About BrowseControl

01:02 - Installation Instructions

01:44 - How to Block Specific Websites (URL Filter)

03:07 - How to Block All Websites Except One

04:45 - How to Block Websites by Content Category

05:45 - How to Restrict Internet Access at Certain Times

07:21 - Get Your Free Trial

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