Getting started with secure DevOps

Getting started with secure DevOps

Jul 27, 2020

As you move to the cloud, your focus is on developing and deploying your applications.

You may leave some functions for later, thinking they will slow you down. So when challenges appear your team feels unprepared. You need tools that are built for containers and Kubernetes, like the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. So your team can build visibility and security together in a secure DevOps workflow, and ship applications faster.

Secure DevOps is about bringing security and monitoring together, throughout the application lifecycle, from development through production. It embeds security and compliance, maximizes performance and availability, and manages security risk so you can confidently run in production.

Get results quickly with the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. By using guided onboarding and pre-defined workflows you will be productive in just a few minutes.

Easily plugging into your DevOps workflow with automations and out of the box integrations.
And as a SaaS platform, it's immediately provisioned for you, so your team can start using it right away.

00:00 Moving to the cloud
00:29 What is secure DevOps?
00:45 Get results quickly
01:08 5 essential workflows for secure DevOps
01:16 Image scanning
01:30 Runtime security
01:48 Compliance
02:06 Kubernetes and container monitoring
02:24 Application & cloud service monitoring
02:45 It's easy to get productive with they Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform
02:59 Sysdig Benefits
03:00 Try Sysdig!

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