Egnyte Platform Overview - In Less Than 3 Minutes

Egnyte Platform Overview - In Less Than 3 Minutes

May 3, 2022

This video provides a quick overview of Egnyte’s content collaboration, data security and compliance & audit platform, in just a few minutes.

By watching this video, you’ll learn about Egnyte’s Content Intelligence Engine and its 6 key elements. You’ll also find out about the key capabilities of each platform element, which are recapped below:

  • Content Lifecycle Designate policies to retain, delete or archive files, based on your company’s policies.
  • Access Governance: Streamline permission management.
  • File Sharing & Collaboration: Empower anyone in your company to collaborate on files, from anywhere.
  • Data Controls: Prevent sensitive files from traveling beyond intended recipients.
  • Threat Management: Combat the growing threats that are posed by Insider Threats and Ransomware.
  • Privacy & Compliance: Identify and track data that’s subject to contractual and regulatory mandates.

Egnyte is a leader in cloud content security and governance, and our leadership is driven by Egnyte’s Content Intelligence Engine.

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