Defending Against Insider Threats with Egnyte

Defending Against Insider Threats with Egnyte

Nov 15, 2021

An insider threat is perhaps the most difficult threat to deal with for most organizations. It occurs when someone uses legitimate access to copy, expose, damage, or delete sensitive information. It can be accidental, such as when a sensitive file is placed in a folder accessible to all employees. Or, it can be intentional, such as when an employee preparing to resign copies sensitive files to take with them. It can even be malicious, such as when a disgruntled employee intentionally deletes critical files.

But how can organizations protect themselves? Users need access to sensitive information to do their work.

This video addresses these scenarios, and shows how the Egnyte platform reduces these risks in two ways. First, you will see how the Egnyte platform can easily be configured to limit user access to only those folders and files necessary to do their job. This significantly reduces overall exposure. Second, you’ll see how the Egnyte platform detects unusual behavior using advanced Machine Learning (ML) to learn user behavior and send an alert when a user begins accessing an unusual number of files.

Rather than view people as the problem, the Egnyte platform is a secure collaboration tool that makes governance a collective responsibility. Each user becomes part of the solution, augmented by Machine Learning (ML) to detect behavior and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to classify data. These capabilities help to automate this “defense in concert” approach.

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