Data Governance & File Collaboration | Product Announcements

Data Governance & File Collaboration | Product Announcements

Oct 22, 2021

Egnyte was an early pioneer in bringing secure collaboration to the cloud. We continue to innovate. Tune in to our latest product announcements and vision to learn about our new capabilities within our platform for data governance and file collaboration.

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Key Highlights on New Product Announcements from the Video:

1:00 - Rajesh Ram, Co-Founder of Egnyte

  • Ransomware defense, which we consider essential for every customer, will detect over 2000 ransomware signatures, actively block attacks with these signatures by immediately suspending the infected end points and automatically alert the admin upon the detection of an offending endpoint. Egnyte already versions all your files, which allows your users to quickly pull older versions and continue working, even if a brand new signature makes its way through. Importantly, we also crowdsource new signatures every day, thanks to a team of security engineers.
  • Ransomware recovery available in our advanced offerings is built around the idea of file system snapshots. This allows an administrator to look back in time at previous file snapshots to locate the point at which ransomware infected a file. This recovery capability lets an administrator pull up the snapshot, inspect folders and files and discover that first point of attack. Then he or she can choose the files and folders to be restored back to that point. Entire folder structures and files can be restored with just a single click.

7:26 - Ramin Farassat, Chief Product Officer at Egnyte

  • For example, we have smart controls at the data ingestion when sharing files like email validated link sharing and preview only links, which prevent recipients from downloading a file, printing or copying and pasting its content. We have customizable dashboards for all data stewards in your organization, not just IT admins.
  • And you also have the ability to assign admin capabilities to different business leaders, project owners, and other roles outside of IT. This enables departments that routinely handle the most sensitive data like HR, finance and legal to be the first line of defense in data protection.
  • Content safeguards are available in our enterprise plan. We have now added some important new capabilities to content safeguard that include dynamic file sharing restrictions with user warnings. You can now restrict files based on content classification policy matches, risk scores or location.
  • User warnings help educate users by warning them with an alert rather than preventing them from sharing, only when we detect that the user is about to share a file that contains sensitive data. The benefit of the warning is that it avoids interruption to the user workflow.
  • We have also improved our secure file delivery to support both Windows and Mac, giving a user the ability to send an encrypted file that remains secure and encrypted, and have it be automatically decrypted only once the intended recipient opens the file.
  • We have also added digital watermarking as part of our virtual data room package.

12:35 - Jeff Sizemore, Chief Governance Officer at Egnyte

  • I'm pleased to announce that Egnyte now offers full governance support for Google S3 cloud storage and Google Workspace, which includes G-Drive, G-Mail and Google Docs. This means that users can continue using the things that they've known about Google and they love about Google, and the tools that are available while being governed and secured by Egnyte, and meeting enterprise and privacy standards.
  • Through our partnership with Trio, Egnyte now offers fully automated privacy for structured and unstructured data across popular ecosystems like Salesforce, enterprise databases, and marketing repositories with massive amounts of PII built in.
  • Soon, we'll be offering governance for structured content as well. To sum it up, Egnyte empowers you to govern structured and unstructured data in a unified fashion with a unified tool across all of your repositories by providing best of breed, enterprise data governance, and easy to use platform, controlled sharing that maximize productivity while reducing risks and costs.