Data Access Governance (DAG) with Netwrix solutions

Data Access Governance (DAG) with Netwrix solutions

May 26, 2022

Reduce the likelihood of a data breach by making access to data exclusive. Identify your most critical data, strictly limit who has access to that data and maintain this least-privilege state for ongoing security. To learn more visit

The average total cost of a data breach now exceeds four million dollars. That’s staggering for larger organizations — and often puts smaller ones out of business altogether.
What can you do to reduce your risk of suffering a breach, as well as limit the damage if one does occur? The key is strong data access governance: knowing exactly what sensitive data you store and ensuring that exactly the right people have exactly the right access to it. If you think that sounds like a huge challenge, you’re right — unless you have the right tools to help.

Netwrix offers a solution that dramatically simplifies data access governance. It can help you slash your risk of costly breaches while streamlining compliance and reducing the burden on your limited IT resources.

  • Start by discovering all the sensitive, regulated and mission-critical data you store, both on premises and in the cloud, so you can focus your protection efforts.
  • Next, identify and remediate conditions that put sensitive data at risk, such as personal records that are open to everyone and users with more access than they are using.
  • Further protect sensitive content by enforcing least privilege. Identify data owners, empower them to review and right-size permissions, and have them directly approve or deny access requests from users.
  • Keep a sharp lookout for threats, such as suspicious activity around sensitive data and privilege escalation attempts. Minimize the damage by automating response to anticipated incidents — for example, by immediately disabling an account that shows signs of being compromised.
  • Slash compliance costs by providing auditors with solid proof that regulated data is stored securely, while making the process less burdensome and stressful.

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