Configure the API Credentials File on Windows

Configure the API Credentials File on Windows

Nov 23, 2022

In this video, you will learn how to generate Veracode API credentials in the Veracode Platform and configure an API credentials file for storing your API credentials on Windows.

Veracode API credentials consist of an ID and secret key. You use these credentials to access the Veracode APIs and Veracode integrations. API ID and key authentication provides improved security and session management for accessing the APIs.

You can use these credentials to automatically sign in to Veracode APIs and integrations without using a separate API service account. To avoid entering the same credentials in multiple locations, you can create a credentials file, which you can use with the Veracode integrations.

You add the credentials file to a specific directory on the system running the Veracode integration. The integration, API wrapper, or command-line tool reads the credentials file from this directory to access your API credentials.