Appknox Year in Review 2020

Appknox Year in Review 2020

Dec 30, 2020

Every year has defining moments, but no one could’ve expected the world-changing and paradigm-shifting developments that have taken up over the course of this year.
That Include combating COVID-19, Global Warming, WFH, waves of social unrest and many more.

At Appknox we have had several defining moments. We have seen substantial growth in terms of revenue, customers, region of operations and many more.

Let me get into detail about 2020 for Appknox.

In our effort to be the best in class Mobile application security platform that helps businesses detect and fix security vulnerabilities we have released 20+ Major test cases and countless minor releases to always be updated with the current cybersecurity best practices.
We have found 50,000 plus vulnerabilities and issues which have helped our customers in safeguarding their applications and reducing SDLC by 74%.
In terms of partnerships, we have increased from 7 to 15 this year.
Innovation isn’t only about growth; we’re also investing in innovation to drive efficiency. We are currently serving 10+ countries and will be soon moving towards European and US markets. This is coupled with a strong roster of team, we have increased our team size from 15 to 30 this year
We are developing Robust DAST and API Scanning Methodologies with 10+ DevSecOps integrations.
We have won quite a few awards from G2 and Gartner - High performer in G2

Our Future

Over the years we’ve refined our technology, processes and team to deliver security solutions impacting businesses and consumers on a global scale. Our goal is to provide honest solutions backed by innovative technology that makes a direct impact to investment, ROI, and ultimately the security of all data.

  1. is going to play an important role for us and our mission. Our strategy and our confidence are underpinned by our fundamental strengths, customer-centric product, unmatched customer experience with an average NPS score of 9/10 across customers from across the world, open approach towards investing in Research and development to bring features that are needed for our customers

We are working on new releases and feature updates which will play a major role and bring the uniqueness which we carry.

All told, when we look out for 2021 we see a gold mine of opportunities.

We thank our customers, investors, and partners for their continued trust and support. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.