1Password Developer Fireside Chat: Serde Deserializers

1Password Developer Fireside Chat: Serde Deserializers

Jun 28, 2022

Join 1Password senior developer, Nathan West, as he discusses Serde, a Rust library that enables Rust to talk to wire formats like JSON, YAML, XML, or more binary formats like MessagePack.

Nathan shares how Serde facilitates a way to interchange between wire formats and Rust data in a very efficient way, without going through a lot of intermediary data structures or allocations. Later, Nathan breaks down the Serde data model, and, step by step, takes you through writing a.csv deserializer from scratch.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vQUeHP3nC8WKZBgtLb9huQD6vPef1j9dEdEfsceNjDc/edit#slide=id.gcab064b273_0_39

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