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Now available: Save and sign in with passkeys using 1Password in the browser and on iOS

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Passkey support is now available in 1Password, letting you create, manage, and sign in with passkeys on a growing number of websites and apps.


Shell Plugins summer roundup: Pulumi, Cloudflare Workers, and more

1Password Shell Plugins bring one-touch access to programmers' favorite command line interfaces (CLIs). I’ll never get tired of cutting steps from what was once a manual process, especially if we can secure that workflow in the process. And that’s exactly what shell plugins do.


We're open-sourcing the library that powers 1Password's ability to log in with a passkey

You may have heard that 1Password beta testers can sign into websites using passkeys stored in their vaults. We’re actively developing the internal library powering passkey authentication, and now we’re open-sourcing it!


Why protecting 1Password with a passkey is just as secure as a password and Secret Key

Account password. Secret Key. These two pieces of information have been the backbone of 1Password’s security model for years. The Secret Key in particular is what makes 1Password fundamentally different to other password managers, and why you can be confident that your data is always safe, even if someone breached our servers.